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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us! That's why we have created a simple, non-nonsense privacy policy that helps maintain your online privacy. On this page, "we" and "us" refers to Channel Lake, Inc., and "you" refers to the person accessing these Web pages.

We Do Not Collect Personally Identifiable Information Without Your Consent.

When you visit Web pages that are part of the Tourist Town Guides domain (,, we may collect information about your visit, but this information does not contain any personally identifiable. For example, we may collect information about (1) the time you spend on the site, (2) the number of Web pages you visit, and/or (3) your general geographic location, such as your state or metro area. We record navigational information in the form of anonymous, aggregate usage statistics and demographics but only in ways that do not reveal your identity or confidential information.

We Will Always Ask For Your Consent When Obtaining Personal Information.

You will always know when we are collecting personal data, such as your name and e-mail address. When we do collect this data, it will never be sold or rented to a third party, and you may opt-out of mailing lists at any time. When you make a purchase from us, or submit a question or comment either using a Web form or through e-mail, we record the transaction and use that personal information to properly fill your order or respond to your request. Additionally, we may take the information obtained in the transaction and add it to one of our mailing lists. You may always opt-out of any mailing list that we administer.

We Use Cookies to store non-personal data.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer after you leave a Web site. They are used by some Web sites to track certain things of a repeat user (such as the contents of a shopping cart or previous pages viewed). PayPal, our payment services provider, may use cookies to store the contents of your shopping cart after you leave our Web site, so that the contents will not be emptied when you leave the site.

Additionally, cookies are used in our online travel guides section to store your selections when building your custom travel guide. These cookies only contain information about which items you have selected for your custom guide. They do not store any personal information, and are deleted from your computer after one hour of non-use.

We Encourage Internet Safety.

While we do our best to make sure that your personal information is secured, we cannot account for the many unforseen circumstanced that. Except for purchase transactions administered by PayPal, this website is unsecure and communication may be intecepted by third parties without our knowledge or your knowledge. Channel Lake, Inc. has no control over such activities, and we encourage all of our visitors to be cautious when using this or any Web site.

We Offer Comprehensive Travel Information Online.

Tourist Town Guides is happy to provide you with comprehensive and complimentary online travel information to some of your favorite regional vacation destinations. Our team of writers and researchers have compiled the information from a variety of sources to make your experience on our website as useful as possible. To provide you with quality content, some of our sources include: Information directly from our printed travel guidebooks, written by the authors of those books; Hand-picked, unique reviews and descriptions, written by our travel professionals, not available anywhere else; Maps provided by Google Maps; External topic-specific websites selected by our editors and writers that may be of interest to our readers.

The online information we provide is similar to what you will find in our guidebooks: names, phone numbers, website addresses, and other contact information. This information has been checked for accuracy but we cannot claim responsibility for it. We realize that there are many other sources of information that you may use and are delighted that you have chosen this website as one of your sources.

We Allow Free, Non-Commercial Use of All Our Online Content.

You are allowed and encouraged to use all the information from our website for your personal, non-commercial use. We hope that you find the information helpful in planning your vacation. If you do find our guides useful, we encourage you to tell your friends about us and have them visit our site for their travel-planning needs. However, please do not use the information on our site on any other website, including (but not limited to) copying and pasting the information. Instead, link to the page(s) that interest you from your own website. You may print pages from our website (such as to a desktop printer), but only print them for your personal, non-commercial use. Don't sell or publish the printed pages.

We Try Our Best, But are Not Reponsible for Errors or Omissions.

Athough we make every effort to make our online guides as accurate as possible, there may be some errors or omissions. The information in the online guides has been checked for accuracy. However, neither the author nor Channel Lake, Inc. may be held liable for errors or omissions. Use this content at your own risk. To obtain the latest information, we recommend that you contact the vendors directly. If you do find an error, let us know by contacting us.

We Sometimes Provide Links to External Websites.

Much of our information includes links to external websites. These sites are not controlled by Channel Lake, Inc. and we cannot assume responsibility for their content. Links are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant as an endorsement of that company, product, or service. To see if you are on one of our pages or on an external website, check the URL address window of your browser. If it says or begins with "" then you know that you are on one of our pages. If it says something else, like "", then you know that you are on another website that is not controlled by us.

We Never Post User-Submitted Content.

There is no user-submitted content anywhere on our website, including our online guides. Many websites, especially travel websites, allow users (end consumers, a.k.a. the general public) to rate, review, or make comments on vendors and their products or services. Tourist Town Guides does not allow this, so you can be sure that the information you are getting online conforms to the same high standards of independence and non-promotion as our printed books. Although we do accept user comments as a way to maintain accuracy of our factual information, our in-house authors and editors verify all information and post only original content.

We Never Post Advertisements or Paid Placements.

Simply put, there are no advertisements or paid placements anywhere on any Tourist Town Guides product, and that includes all pages. The only things we promote are our own products, and where you can buy them (such as Barnes & Noble or On some pages you may see "Recommendations" for other services, but those recommendations are based either our our editorial decisions or a mathematical algorithm. They are not paid placements or advertisements. Channel Lake, Inc. is not affiliated with the vendors mentioned anywhere on this website, and the vendors have not authorized, approved or endorsed the information contained herein.


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